Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Living Social's 365 Things To Do in Grand Rapids

I just found out about a new feature on the {Living Social Grand Rapids} site!  They have a list going of 365 things to do in Grand Rapids.  I am excited to try these things out.  There are several places that I haven't ever been to.  What a great way to find out about cool places.  I have lived here all of my life, so it's easy to feel like I have done it all.  There are many times where I want something fun to do, but I am only able to come up with the same old things.  Now I will have a whole list of things to try out instead of repeating the same old thing.

Here are a few that I want to try out right away...
#18 Best way to treat yourself to dessert!
Find a multitude of handcrafted desserts sure to please any sweet tooth at Martha's Vineyard. Locally owned and operated by a knowledgeable staff, Martha's has everything from chocolate truffles to fruity cheesecake and bars, sure to alleviate a stressful day at the office.
Martha's Vineyard
Neighborhood: Heritage Hill

#20 Best place for artistic fashion and flair
Whether you have a love of vintage advertising, an obsession with Pantone red 186c, or a yearning for striking gems, Lamb can meet your craving for cool. Check this shop out for life's accoutrements.
Neighborhood: East Hills

#42 Best gourmet hot dog (If you know me, you know I love a good hotdog!!)
Traditional beef hot dogs, turkey dogs, cajun sausages, and even vegan dogs can be topped with dozens of ingredients at Jonny B'z. Chili, Amish relish, sport peppers, sauerkraut, and many others are added to your dog at your request and nestled in the grilled bread Jonny B'z uses in place of buns.
Jonny B'z
Neighborhood: Heritage Hill

#51 Best place to shop for your kitchen
At Art of the Table, how a table looks is as important as what’s served on it. Everything you need to offer up the best dinner parties, gourmet foods, and dining accouterments can be found here, and vendors even occasionally come in to offer samples of their products.
Art of the Table
Neighborhood: Heritage Hill

#81 Best grocery
Whether you are looking for fresh produce, well-butchered meats, potent spices, or fine beer and wine, you can find it all at Kingma's. This friendly neighborhood grocer aims to provide the best foods at the best prices, and it always hits that target.
Neighborhood: Creston

#92 Most imaginative childrens shop
Encouraging children to use their minds instead of allowing television to use it for them is a quest The Pretend Store is devoted to. The store emphasizes re-using and recycling many everyday objects that children use in pretend play and fostering imaginations while instilling socially responsible values.
The Pretend Store
Neighborhood: Eastown

#103 Best vintage cache
The offerings at Eastown Antiques range from the rare to the common, but everything harkens back to bygone days. Furniture, clothing, jewelry, linens, pottery, silver, and glassware can be found in Eastown Antiques' aisles.
Eastown Antiques
Neighborhood: Eastown

#119 Best locally-made crafts
Minty Keen is an eco-friendly retail shop and studio featuring handmade-in-Michigan gifts from local artists, vintage decor, and fresh flowers. There is something for anyone with a knack for crafting, vintage goodies, or just quirky souvenirs.
Minty Keen
Neighborhood: Downtown

#151 Best place to handmade art
The Fulton Street ARTisans Market is a group of artists, artisans, and crafters that get together on Sundays during the summer to sell handmade art at the Fulton Street Farmers' Market. The goal is to make a traditional open market that is affordable and inclusive, increasing the City of Grand Rapids' visibility on the emerging artist and artisan scene.
Fulton Street ARTisans Market
Neighborhood: Fulton Heights

#171 Most comprehensive massage treatments
Kymarah Massage has everything from Swedish to deep tissue massage on its menu, specializing in neck and back pain. Located in Monroe Center, the business is in the perfect spot to ease tension during your lunch break, and competitive pricing makes the services affordable.
Kymarah Massage
Neighborhood: Downtown

#178 Best Sunday brunch
Brandywine is open every day of the week, but it's the special Sunday brunch menu that really drives customers in. The griddles are kept hot to serve up potato scrambles, smoked chicken and black bean hash, bottomless cups of coffee, and more.
Neighborhood: Eastown

The list only goes through #212 right now, so I will be sure to check it out daily and see what other good finds there are!

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