Thursday, August 11, 2011

August 10 on 10

For the last couple of months I have seen my friends posting a 10 on 10 each month.  So, this month I decided to try it!  You can find more information about it here.  I have more than 10 pictures though since I wake up before the sun.  So I have a 16 on 10 instead! ;)

6:30am - Lou woke up late.  Rushed morning, but I got his coffee pot set right!

7:30am - Diet Coke (my coffee) and computer time.

8:30am - Uploading pictures to be printed.  90 pictures!!!

9:30am - Took Hexe outside to play fetch with her tennis ball.  Problem with that is she likes to fetch, but doesn't always like to bring the ball back to me!

10:30am - Julia FINALLY woke up!  I can't believe she slept this late. 

11:30am - A quick trip to Meijer for diapers, Diet Coke, dog food for Bear, and a few groceries.

12:30pm - A stop at Walgreens to pick up the pictures I had printed.  I learned that if you print 90 pictures, they give you a box.  I hope to never be that behind in printing pictures again!

1:30pm - Sorting out pictures to give to the family.

2:30pm - I forgot to take a picture!  Julia had just woken up from her nap so I was giving her lunch before her Busia can to get her.

3:30pm - Working on some layouts for K's sketch class at Creative Soup.

4:30pm - Still scrapping!

5:30pm - Trying out a tutorial Mara shared to make my own bakers twine! (Oh and yes, that's 3 hours of uninterrupted scrap time you are witnessing!)

6:30pm - Another layout!  That makes 3 layouts and one was a 2 pager!  It felt great to have some me time that didn't involve cleaning, organizing, or unpacking!

7:30pm - Lou using the "Slap Chop" to make his relish.  Pickles + Jalapenos + Olive = Amazing Relish!

8:30pm - Playing before bed!  Lou is playing Zombies, Julia is taking all the pillows off the couch to use on the floor, and I get to watch it all in amazement that it's my little family!

9:30pm - Julia is sleeping, now time for Hexe to go to bed!

10:30pm - Laying in bed watching MasterChef!  Good Night!


  1. Great photos, Kim...looks like you had a good day! Especially that scrap time! :)

  2. I'm so glad I'm not the only one who used more than 10 photo's haha! I love that photo of Julia SO cute!!

  3. How do you get your kid to sleep until 10:30?!?!?! So jealous!

  4. Great photos of a fab day!!! Loved seeing them all!

  5. Wonderful!! thanks for the peek into your life...