Thursday, May 31, 2012

81 Days of Summer Vacation - The List

As I was talking with a friend that works full time I realized that I am really fortunate to be able to stay home with Julia while I go to school.  I often find myself consumed by the "things" that need to be done and put off spending time actually playing.  I decided that is going to change!  I only have 18 months left in school before I will be back working full-time.  I want to make sure that I make the best of that time with Julia and learn to let the "things" wait.  
While watching Phineas and Ferb, the theme song gave me a great idea!  I have 81 days that I will be home with Julia between now and Labor Day.  I have made a list of 81 things for us to do together.  We will pick one thing from the list to do each day.  Some things are going out and about, some are nice rainy day activities, and others are just fun things to do at home together.  The point is, 

I will make the best of our time together!

Here is our list of activities.  They are in no particular order, so we can do what looks like fun each day!
1. Millennium Park Beach
2. John Ball Zoo
3. Fishing
4. Blow Bubbles
5. Make Lemonade
6. Finger Paints
7. Water Fight
8. Make Popsicles
9. Swim
10. Drive-in Movies
11. Splash Pad
12. Cook out
13. Hike
14. Visit a Farm
15. Sidewalk Chalk
16. Picnic
17. Fireworks
18. Parade
19. Library
20. Feed the Ducks
21. Pillow Fort
22. Make Applesauce
23. Build a Sandcastle
24. Visit the Residents as Busia's work
25. Handprint Art
26. Visit the Firestation
27. Sleep in a Tent
28. Road Trip
29. Sponge Balls
30. Paint Rocks
31. Paint Coffee Mugs
32. Public Museum
33. Children's Museum
34. Pudding Finger Paint
35. Peanut Butter Playdoh
36. Ice Cube Painting
37. Eat Watermelon
38. Craft Day
39. Catch Fireflies
40. Pick berries
41. Visit a Dairy Farm
42. Make and Decorate Cupcakes
43. Story time at Barnes and Noble
44. Discover a New Playground
45. Visit a Nature Center
46. Make Rootbeer Floats
47. Eat Dinner Outside
48. Picnic at the Beach
49. Visit the Airport
50. Mail a Letter
51. Children's Garden
52. Stanwood
53. Ice Cream
54. Boulder Ridge Animal Park
55. Binder Park Zoo
56. Farmer's Market
57. Visit Tunnel Park
58. Ride the Trolley
59. Musical Fountain
60. Go to GR Festival of the Arts
61. Book Fest
62. Blues on the Mall
63. Polish Festival
64. Run Through the Sprinkler
65. Hot Dog Restaurant
66. 4H Fair
67. Bring Ice Cream to a Friend
68. McDonald's Playplace
69. Rice Table
70. Sandbox
71. Little Pool
72. Take Babies for a Walk
73. Make Our Own Bubbles
74. Grand Haven Beach
75. Garage Sale-ing
76. Make Necklaces with Pasta
77. Play Paperdolls
78. Paint With Water
79. Do Puzzles
80. Stickers
81. Open Gym at Radiant 

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