Monday, January 9, 2012

Scrapfreak Mojo Monday - My List

Over at {Scrapfreak} we are starting up a new weekly prompt, {Mojo Monday}.  Each Monday there will be a new prompt focused on getting you to scrap your everyday life.  So often we spend so much time scrapping about the big events that happen in our lives that we forget about the everyday happenings that really make up our lives.  Everybody has one birthday, 3 or 4 major holidays, and maybe some school events.  What about the other 350+ days out of the year?  How are you scrapping those things?

The first MM of each month is a list, designed to get you documenting more of the little details of your everyday life. We encourage you to blog, journal or share your list here so you can scrap it later!

This week's list: What's In Your Car?

We spend a lot of time in our vehicles and you can often tell a lot about a person by what is in their car. Kids? Organized? Multi-tasker? What is in your car RIGHT NOW? What does that say about your life?

For those of you that have been in my car, this may come as a shock to you...

I know, that hardly ever happens.  So, for this list I can actually write what is in my car and I actually KNOW what is in there.

1. carseat
2. my phone charger
3. Lou's phone charger
4. bass fishing book
5. Nicholas Sparks book
6. Julia's lion
7. snow brush/ice scraper
8. a package that needs to go to the PO for Monica
9. a few bits of random paper and receipts in the console
10. a water bottle

I have decided that I will blog my MM lists.  That way I have them on hand so I can either make a LO about them down the road or I can add them to my Project Life album if I have space in a week.

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