Monday, July 1, 2013

52 Weeks of Blogging: Week 1

While reading some of the blogs I follow, and then following links from those blogs (and opening Pandora's box to an endless map of blogs!), I came across a new blog challenge: 52 Weeks of Blogging With a Purpose.  I have been trying to get better about blogging because I really do like keeping a journal for myself to go back and look at.  By following along with this challenge, I will have at least one post a week.

Week 1's prompt goes along with the Find Your Voice week 2 lesson...

Who Are You?

Getting started...
Name: Kimberley Poplaski
Age: 31
Hometown: West Michigan
Nicknames: Kim and Kimmy (although you have to be little and cute to get away with calling me Kimmy!)
Birthdate: Jan. 1982
Current location: West Michigan

Color: orange
Books: Bridge to Terabithia, Hunger Games trilogy, and The Help.  I can't think of any other "favorites" because I don't really have any books that I read more than once, so these are some of the books I have read in the last couple years that stand out to me.
Hobby: scrapbooking and photography
Food: crab legs and most things that combine peanut butter and chocolate
Holiday: Christmas.  I love shopping for the perfect gift for my family members and watching them open their presents.  I also love that Christmas brings out the giving of others to those in need.
Music:  I have a pretty eclectic taste in music!  I listen to everything from Pop to Heavy Metal, although I have a hard time with country.

Best Accomplishment: Going back to school after losing my job, staying in school when I found out I was pregnant, earning my AA, and continuing on for my BSW and maintaining a 3.75 GPA.
Worst Day: Losing my Grandma Lyon
Longest Trip: Driving to the Georgia Mountians
Furthest From Home: Lyon Family cruise to the Caribbean
Smartest Topic: it's a toss up between math and sociology
Funniest Quirk:  I really can't pick just one!

Make sure to follow along with the Find Your Voice workshop and link to where you are sharing in my comments!  I'll be "taking it to the next level later this week!"


  1. Nice to meet you and thanks for sharing! Looking forward to connecting over the next 30 days. Best Regards, Wendy UBC

  2. I am doing FYV and 52 weeks too!! LOL!! Kinda cool how they went together this week..